The Checklist to Find and Validate your Startup Idea

We help to transform your idea into a profitable business thanks to a proven execution process.
500+ Steps to guide you through your Entrepreneurship journey

The Ultimate framework to validate your startup idea

By entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs
500+ steps to guide you
Based on the feedback of the Community

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You want to launch a business

You're looking for new challenges that would help you generating extra revenues

You don't know where to start

You're looking for a framework to guide you through the launch of your business

You're an
action taker

You're motivated.
You're not afraid to take actions and work hard.

How would you feel if you could...

Find business ideas

We provide a framework to guide you through the discovery process of new business ideas.

Validate your business idea

We help you to validate your business idea before creating the product. Risk less, maximize your chances of success.

Make your product stand out

We give you the keys of an innovative and iterative process to build products that customers will love.

Be part of the 5%

95% of entrepreneurs are failing because they don't follow a process. We have carefully crafted the checklist to provide you that process.
Validate your Startup Idea

What choices do you have?


Start from scratch

Waste hundreds of hours in research before you even start to work on your business idea.


Use our Framework

Follow our step-by-step process. Get to work on your business idea from day one. Nail it!

Not "another checklist".
A Bulletproof and repeatable validation framework

Building a business can be hard and long, but it does not have to.
We provide comprehensive guidelines on how to successfully get to market as quick as possible.

Find a Startup Idea

Don't get stuck because you don't have an idea. By following our process you will become an idea machine.

Embrace the competition

Competition is a good thing. Leverage their products to build better ones.

Talk to Customers and Innovate

Customers provide useful critical feedback. We show how to use it to build the right features.

Define your Buyer Persona

Knowing your customer is paramount to find your product market fit which leads to success.

Put your Idea into Words

Learn how to explain your idea quickly and clearly, in 15 seconds or less. As simple as that.

Validate your Startup Idea, Find your first Customers

Discover the best channels to test and validate your Startup Idea, and learn how to pre-sell your product before building it.

A practical checklist

The checklist is a step by step process. Less theory more action. We tell you what to do and when to do it.

The checklist summarises everything you need, to make a successful project. It is filled with videos, documents, lectures and more...

Never feel lost again.

Avoid mistakes

The checklist helps to avoid the most common mistakes you will make as an entrepreneur.

Don’t waste money, we provide an extensive list of free tools.

Don’t waste time, we help to understand what you should focus on.

Succeed faster

Creating a business is hard, we make it easier.

In a world where speed and execution is everything, the checklist is a no brainer.

Save countless hours and get ahead of your competition.
What is inside?
350+ Tasks and resources filtered for every step of your entrepreneurship journey. Everything you need to start your next venture.
500+ Tasks and resources
Key insights of experts boiled down in a digestible format.
Proven Methodology
A structured process to optimise your venture creation journey, built by 25+ product makers and successful entrepreneurs.

A Collection of best practices

The checklist contains the best practices gathered through years of experience working in the industry and building products.

80/20 Principle

Spend your time where it matters, avoid perfectionism and focus on what brings value.

Built by 25+ SaaS Founders

The checklist has been built by bootstrapped founders collectively generating over $12mm ARR.

Just what you need

No fluff, only the essential materials to bootstrap and launch your SaaS business.

Collection of freebies

Get access to the best tools to create your software and put your project on the market.


Don't reinvent the wheel. Get our lead generations, and idea validation templates.

Iterative checklist

We're uploading our checklist every month. Get access to the future updates by becoming an early bird.

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"I always thought about launching a SaaS business, but I didn't know where to start. Now, I have the framework to do it."

Quentin Stevens, Entrepreneur

“Love it. I wish I could have that framework earlier”

Helen Delours, Chief product officer

“This is more than a checklist. It's like a mentor telling me what I have to do.”

Cory Mclane, Account Manager

“A no-brainer. A consolidated database of pure knowledge”

Corinne Lewis, MBA candidate
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Is creating a business as easy as following a checklist?

Absolutely not. If you're buying this checklist but don't act, you better keep your money. This checklist is made for action takers. People that want to create and be productive.

Is The Checklist for me?

If you are a Solo entrepreneur / Product Maker / Business Bootstrapper, you will definitely find The Checklist valuable.

Why is it so cheap?

We have built bootstrapped businesses. We know how hard it is to be a successful entrepreneur. As such, we want to make an affordable pricing to kickstart your projects.

Why is it so expensive?

Hundreds of hours of research/ interviews have been necessary to make this checklist. If you don't think you can be breakeven on a 259$ investment, The Checklist is not for you.

Can I get refunded?

We stand behind the quality of our Checklist. If you think that the Checklist didn't provide your enough value, we will refund you within the first 30 days.

What form is The Checklist in?

The Checklist has been built on Notion - this way you are sure to get the most updated version automatically.

Why would I pay for The Checklist if I can use other checklists on the internet for free?

Other checklists are very basic and are not written by SaaS Makers, but by marketers. This checklist has been made by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

Can I share The Checklist's content on the Internet?

No. You're not allowed to share the documents purchased publicly. The content is for personal use only. More details in TCs.


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